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Mark Padgett

"Through Jason's coaching I gained invaluable perspective on building my business as a new agent, and his experienced guidance brought clarity to challenging transactions. Without a doubt, his influence has greatly accelerated my progress."

Dawn Torro

"After sitting down with Jason, I knew I wanted to join his coaching program. He was so informative and helped me every step of the way through my first contract. I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE who joins Keller Williams to join his coaching program. It's a great feeling knowing I had someone on my side helping me step by step."

Jimmy Parrott

"As a new agent, I struggled to find where to focus my efforts.  There is so much to learn it can be overwhelming. Jason was able to discuss with me what I thought my strengths were and he helped me accentuate those strengths getting started. He is a consummate professional and passionate about helping new agents that have a desire to learn."

Debbie Gutekunst

"Jason was an amazing coach to have at your side when first learning the ropes or, like me, be coming active again after years of being inactive. He was available for all my questions, guided me through the nitty gritty of multiple offers and anything else I needed help with.  He is an invaluable source to have in your corner of you want to be successful in real estate."

Brad Rosenberg

"Coaching with Jason helped me sharpen my focus on specific short and long term goals, allowing me to increase my production to a level I did not think was possible."

Jerry Trickie

"Joining the productivity coaching program at KVCW was the catalyst to boosting my business to a whole new level. The accountability and mentoring this program provides is what every new agent needs to be successful right from the start. It was the reason I capped in my second year in the business, tripling my closings and volume from the previous year."

Michael Pattison

" As soon as I received my license I wanted to sell my home and buy a home. After speaking with Jason I knew his coaching program was a perfect fit for me and my business.  He is very informative and was able to break down any situation that came up in both processes and assisted me through it.  You WILL NOT find a better teacher, mentor to assist with you in spring-boarding you into your real estate career."

Helen Sutton

"I'm a firm believer in coaching and being held accountable, it is a huge part of being a successful agent. If you're a new agent it definitely wouldn't hurt to have a coach to be part of your support system. Jason is a motivator; his experience and dedication to success helped me gear my business in the right direction. Join Jason's coaching program, let him and the program work for you in the beginning of your career."

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