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Agent Productivity Coaching Program

We are proud to offer an individualized real estate coaching program so agents can grow and develop a strong real estate career.  Our program is based on the systems, tools and models provided from the "Millionaire Real Estate Agent" (MREA) book, Keller Williams International and Keller Williams Maps Coaching Curriculum.  


One on One

Lead and Goal Development

Training Sessions, 

Video Libraries and the weekly 


Practice Real Life

Application and

Work Real Leads!

Agent coaching sessions to develop goal setting, success stratagies and business opportunities. Accountability to expand skillset and mindset through learning real estate sales techniques.

On-line and in-person group training to learn and grow together. Learn ways to overcome seller and buyer objections, discover sales strategies. Understand how to gain more leads and how to maximize conversion.

Gain personal confidence through scripts practice to provide a better experience for you and your clients. Apply those techniques in real life applications with customizable Leads Earned System.

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